Wedding Plans

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rehearsal Dinner

Friday, June 23, 2006

3 months to go!

I haven't been posting anything lately because I'd like to keep details
a surprise for the guests. I promise to update the site when it's all said and done!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Trish McEvoy Makeup

Looks natural for every day type of look
I like the eye shadow. My eyes are more inset so she put the shadow on the bone just below the eyebrow.

Might be too light for wedding pictures
Way too much gloss on the lips. When it comes time to kiss... Todd will have a smeary mess on his face. Can't have that!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Bobbi Brown Makeup Trial

Today was the Bobbi Brown Makeup Trial

A.I love the colors she picked for me
B.I like the whole look, nothing looks clownish
C.Little to no shine!
D. Affordable

A.The eye make-up looks nice, but I'm not used to wearing it. Is it too dark?
B.Eyebrows need styling (my fault for not plucking)


Monday, May 15, 2006


How Todd Proposed

It was on the coast at Wrightsville Beach NC, where Todd proposed to Casey.

The couple walked along the shore watching the waves. Todd strolled ahead and crouched down by the water. Casey figured that he was inspecting some rocks.

To surprise him she picked up a sprint to knock him into the ocean. Todd looked behind him panicked. Todd quickly tried to place the ring into a shell. Seeing the look of concern on Todd’s face, Casey decided against the surprise attack seconds before she reached him. Todd immediately asked smiling, “Do you want to see how pretty it is inside this shell? “

Casey looked into his hand. There sat the chipped, dark, gray, shell. With her nod of the head, he turned it over and revealed the beautiful, sparkling ring. He then asked Casey if she would marry him. Ecstatically replying with a yes, she hugged and kissed him. Todd was not only relieved to accomplish his mission, get a yes but succeeded in avoiding the push into the ocean.

Bare Essentials Makeup Trial


Went to the Bare Essentials counter and had a trial run for
wedding day makeup.

1.They put lots of sparkly powder on me and it creates lots of shine! Yikes! My face almost looks wet!
2.I don't like all the orange tones, I wanted more of a berry color for lips and cheeks with neutral eyes.
3.She put the lip color on sloppy.
4.eyes looked smudged unevenly.
5.$85 for this look on my wedding day.

1.I like how their make-up stays on through the day
2.My lashes look thicker than normal



Monday, April 24, 2006


-Todd and I were accepted into the church and we're now official members! Yea!
-Now our wedding ceremony date is confirmed in ink at the church
-Found the bridesmaid dresses last weekend
-Confirmed date with photographer and sent deposit
-Invitations arrived and look great
-Todd was fitted for his tux, deposit sent
-Requested dress swatch for my dress to match shoes
-Swatches of veil arrived that I sent out for
-More make-up trials scheduled

-Booked the wedding reception venue
-Becomming members at a church
-Date Penciled in for our ceremony location, contingent upon becomming church memebers.
-Found the dress, paid in full
-Picked invitations out
-Narrowed photographers down to 2
-Decided on a menu for hors d'oeuvres, dinner, alcohol
-Selected wedding party and guest list

Friday, March 10, 2006



Now that I've decided on the bridesmaid dress and color I can start thinking more about flowers. Less orange and more pink.


Getting married in the fall is a great month for me because its full of color! I am so pale and look washed out next to all the light pinks and baby blues. Last night I started looking around on the web (addicted to flower galleries for 3hrs) and found beautiful bold pinks and oranges.

I first started this section, just to show different colors and ideas for the event... but now I'm considering these bouquets as concrete possibilities. I hope I'll be able to find peonies in the local florist shops. I'm thinking they don't grow in the fall months (even if it is NC, they still might be out of season).