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Monday, May 15, 2006


How Todd Proposed

It was on the coast at Wrightsville Beach NC, where Todd proposed to Casey.

The couple walked along the shore watching the waves. Todd strolled ahead and crouched down by the water. Casey figured that he was inspecting some rocks.

To surprise him she picked up a sprint to knock him into the ocean. Todd looked behind him panicked. Todd quickly tried to place the ring into a shell. Seeing the look of concern on Todd’s face, Casey decided against the surprise attack seconds before she reached him. Todd immediately asked smiling, “Do you want to see how pretty it is inside this shell? “

Casey looked into his hand. There sat the chipped, dark, gray, shell. With her nod of the head, he turned it over and revealed the beautiful, sparkling ring. He then asked Casey if she would marry him. Ecstatically replying with a yes, she hugged and kissed him. Todd was not only relieved to accomplish his mission, get a yes but succeeded in avoiding the push into the ocean.


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