Wedding Plans

Sunday, February 26, 2006


Wow there are a lot of songs to pick!

bride’s entrance
grand entrance
first dance
parent dance songs
bouquet toss song
garter toss song
cake cutting song
last song

Check out the most picked wedding Music in the past 3 yrs:

Song ideas for the C N T wedding!



Recessional- Trumpets Tune
The Prince of Denmark's March
String Quartet in F, H III No.17 - Wedding Music From theKnot
On My Own - Les Miserables
Hyme - O'Neal Brothers
Canon in D - Pachelbel (Love this one! My sister used it for her wedding so I can't copy. She picked a good one.)
Wachet Auf -14 Perfect love songs
Air (From Water Music)


At Last - Etta James
All You Need is Love - horns
Alison Krauss
Fly Me to The Moon -Sinatra
Can't Help Falling inlove with you - Elvis


Can't Help falling inlove With You - UB40
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) by James Taylor
All You Need is Love by the Beatles


Hey Ya - Usher

I'll keep adding to the list as I find more. If you have suggestions, post replies. Thanks!


They're so unique.

When I visulize what the tables for our reception will look like, I see lots of uplifting color.
There is so much white involved in the weddings-dress already.
So I was thinking pinks, reds, yellows and orange.

DIY wedding favors and centerpiece projects look fun and I know Todd would be up for the challenge.

I found these pictures this afternoon.

I love the cookie favor idea. It's cute and not horribly pricey.

These cookies above I can buy on eBay:

Or maybe get chocolate squares initialed... yum.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Wow wedding photographers are pricey. Going rates are $2000 to $8000 here in NC. Can't imagine how much they charge in NY. I read that wedding prices are a 100% more expensive than they were 10 yrs ago. My question is are more people getting married now or 20 yrs ago?

Links to my favorite photographers / videographers are listed below. I was hooked the other night and spent over 3 hrs looking through all their galleries!


The Peninsula Club Details
If my estimates are correct... we're up a lot.
This doens't include service charge and tax.

- Capacity: More than enough space for 50 to 75 guests
- Mecklenburg Ballroom, Lakeside Room and The Open Air Patio
- Dance Floor
- Specialty Linen Rental
- Hot, Cold, and Attended Hors D Oeuvres
- Duet Dinners with Salads
- Tuxedo Strawberries
- Beverage Inclusive Package

The Ballantyne Details to Come

Todd and I've seen about 1 or 2 places... just kidding, more like 10 or 20 venues to have the wedding and the first top two links above are our favorites.

We really want to have the wedding on a Saturday in Sept, Oct or Nov. After that the grass and trees start looking brown and bare. I like the idea of winter weddings, in NY and NJ because it could snow and looks really pretty. NC just looks very dry and dull in the cold months. Another idea is maybe speed everything up and have the date in June before the really hot weather hits us.

The following links are places we've seen, liked or haven't seen yet:


Cake shopping online is fun fun fun.
There are so many designs and styles.
I had no idea how fancy these cakes could get.
Below are some favorites I found on this great wedding site called

The site is so helpful even if it is for brides in NYC.
Anyway back to cakes, I love how sweet the two figures on the top of the cakes look.
If I decide to have some figures on-top, I want them to look as cute as these.
The others are favorites because they're so pretty and look elegant.
I'm not a big fan of the cakes on stilts.. Tiers are not my thing.
I also like the picture with the dressed up cupcakes that look like individual mini wedding cakes.
I'm surprised how excited I am to plan all this out. Looking at cakes and dresses, venues its so much fun!

This is a really cool idea, you can make your own wedding cake! Check out this site: